Self Defence North London

If you are interested in learning Self Defence in North London,  I teach regular one-to-one and small group classes throughout the week at my studio in Highgate, N6.

Deciding to train in Self Defence or the practical applications of a martial art is a very personal and unique journey for each individual, which regardless of the chosen school or style, through regular practice can lead to a greater sense of self-discipline, self-control and self-confidence.

I have had a fascination with the practical applications of the martial arts I have trained in over the past three decades, and I am more a student today than ever before. I am a peaceful man through and through, and yet I love training in the Self Defence aspects of the arts I am studying, and this is an on-going process of research and exploration.

I am a strong believer in the need for a genuinely respectful and sensible  approach to training in the martial arts, and this is how I conduct all my training sessions. As my teacher Sifu Nathan Menaged says, “The goal of martial applications is youthfulness and long life”, and this I believe is a goal which is well worth striving for.

The approach taken in these Self Defence sessions includes a variety of exercises, techniques and principles found in a variety of martial arts from China and South East Asia, and incorporate:

Footwork and Stepping patterns

Rapid reflex training

Understanding the body’s natural weapons and vulnerable points

Pad work

Distance, timing and sensitivity drills

Awareness and avoidance

Fluidity and natural movement

All Self Defence sessions are suitable for both men and women, from 13 years old and above, and no previous experience is required. In the case of younger children, please contact me via email or call to discuss availability.

Self Defence North London – Enquiries please call:

Tel: 0208 352 9827


Self-Defence training can be fun!

Over the years I have taught self-defence to a wide range of people, from  school-aged children from 13 years old and above, to couples and one-to-one clients of different ages and backgrounds.  The methods I teach are simple and effective, demand no specific fitness levels, and are based on developing awareness of correct structure, timing, distance and placement…this has nothing to do with physical size or strength.

If you’d like to enquire about any aspect of the training, or to arrange for one-to-one tuition please contact me on:


or  call: 0208 352 9827

The sessions will be held at the Highgate Fitness Studios, London N6 unless otherwise arranged. Sessions at a clients alternative venue (home visits for example) will incur a small surcharge for travel costs.